Highlights of Mobile CTI PowerDialer
Thank you for your interest.  We are a startup company that specializes in Mobile applicaitons for Android and Windows platform for consumers and bussinesses.

Our aim is to bring innovation and simplify technology to make useable to large population.

There are so much untapped potentials in the Smart Phone eco system.  Our aim is to harness its potential to increase productiviy of individuals and businesses.
The application let user configure what is the maximum time an contact should be tried.  Also the time between busy, No Answer and Voice mail can be set by the user so the application tracks whenthe call needed to be made again.
The application will ensure that a person's name which is listed under do not call list will not be dialed.  Also users can add a phone number to do not call list by clicking on "Do Not Call" button from Contact Result Capture screen.
The application can be configured to work in preview mode or power mode.  In preview mode, the user will be presented with contact information with Dial Now button.  When user clicks on Dial button, the application makes the outbound call.
In power mode, the application will make one call after another.  The pause between calls can be changed under settigns pages.  User can exit the campaign by pressing the cancel button.